Welcome to the new Minetest Blog

By MisterE


A Blog is a great way for a project to share updates and generate excitement for new featues among its community. Thats why we are starting a new blog for minetest! This will be a great way to stay up-to-date with the diverse parts of the community. Blog content will be solicited from community members, for Engine development updates, Mods, Games, Builds, Art, Servers and anything minetest related. Yes, this will include shills for people’s own projects, but they need an excuse such as a major update, great new feature, or event. See Contributing Guidelines

As for the release schedule, that depends on time available for the editors to review content, the number of active editors, and the amount of content submitted. We may aim for a weekly release schedule, though bi-weekly or monthly seems more sustainable. We need you to be an editor; if you have the time and the desire to help us edit this blog, please contact MisterE on the Forums.

Thats all for now; see you soon!